A short message

Jesus took three Apostles onto the mountain where they saw Moses and Elijah, and after a cloud enveloped them, they heard God announce that Jesus was His son. We’re told the Apostles didn’t tell anyone until after the Resurrection. Really?! And how did they know it was God, Moses and Elijah? Obviously, Jesus told them. How quickly would we tell others about the experience? ┬áBut the point of the story for us can be that God changes us whenever we encounter Him. This often occurs when we interact with other people. We don’t stay the same. Even our appearance can change. Mostly, we change on the inside. We may not notice the change, but it will become evident as we stay near God, as we talk with Him, and we work toward that hope in the Lord’s Prayer: Thy will be done.


Most of us are away from campus earning some spending money or maybe simply enjoying time away from class and homework. Stay in touch, and see you back on campus for the first semester. Here’s Xan in Canterbury.