Nearby and relevant churches

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The official listing of all of the parishes in the diocese, helpful for finding one near you.

Cathedral of St. John the Divine
Is on 110th and Amsterdam, at the Southeast corner of Columbia’s University. It’s the “hub” for the Diocese of NY, where our chaplain Richard works, and where we frequently attend services and events.

St. Mary’s  (126th and Broadway)
The closest parish in relation to Columbia.

St. Michael’s  (89th and Amsterdam)
Mariel Fernandez
 (Columbia Law ’13) is a member of this church and involved in their 20s and 30s group. Contact her for more information or to accompany her to a service!

Saint Ignatius (87th and Broadway)
Brian Gillis, a student at Union Theological Seminary, is a member of this church.  He is very enthusiastic about their great clergy and  beautiful Anglo-Catholic services.  Contact him for more information or to accompany him to a service!

Saint Mary the Virgin (W. 46th and 6th Ave)
Is an Anglo-Catholic church in Times Square. Peter Thompson (CC ’12, now attends Yale Divinity School) was an intern at St. Mary’s. Contact him for more information!

Sidebar on Peter: check out his Baccalaureate Address, given as part of Commencement Week 2012. His part starts at 54:30.

We’d love you to come to our services, but if for whatever reason you need help finding an Episcopal church that’s right for you, Richard is a great resource and can answer any questions over email.