Welcome. The Canterbury Club is a student organization at Columbia and Barnard centered around the Episcopal and Anglican Church. You are most welcome regardless of prior religious connection (or no connection), or any other part of your identity. We particularly welcome students searching for a deeper meaning to life. We also enjoy having a good time together. Please join us for chapel service in St. Paul’s at 6:15 pm every Sunday of the semester, and lunch every Thursday at noon, room 101 or Earl Hall (ground floor).

Weekly events

We get together for lunch every Thursday in Earl Hall, room 101, where lively conversation is the main event, along with a provided lunch. One student leads a very short noonday prayer. It’s a great way to catch up and talk about campus life. And of course we enjoy Sunday chapel and refreshments (home made goodies from Carolyn — come and meet her). 6:15 pm in St. Paul’s Chapel.


We’re a student group, but with some things that make us unique. Among them are our chaplain, our focus on our spiritual lives and strong community feeling, and our twice-weekly gathering. We also love to talk and enjoy good food.



Most of us are away from campus earning some spending money or maybe simply enjoying time away from class and homework. Stay in touch, and see you back on campus for the first semester. Here’s Xan in Canterbury.


Please check out our Facebook page. You can reach your president, Catherine Lemel, at cl3334@barnard.edu. And you can reach our chaplain, Richard Sloan, at rs3046@columbia.edu. Thanks, and have a great day. That’s Catherine in the middle of the photo, which was taken at St. Mary’s Church on West 126th Street as we prepared lunches for homeless people.